Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where There's a Will There's a Way

One of the first things I did to feel "at home" upon arriving at my new Texas house, was put up my bird feeders. I am an avid bird watcher, and have never had much trouble getting all varieties and colors of birds to be a part of my garden. I hung a few plants around the bird feeders for balance, blossoms and greenery and just because they look so doggone pretty. We have enjoyed days and days of peaceful bird watching until this past weekend.

First the neighbor's cat arrived and camped out underneath the feeders, waiting patiently in hopes of a feathered midday snack. Oh, heck, no! I shooed the cat away and thought peace and harmony had returned to my little garden. Then the red squirrels showed up. I will tell you a few things about squirrels:  they are persistent and industrious, they work in teams to get to the goodies in the feeders and they are talented acrobats. I caught one such aerial artist doing some sort of half-twist maneuver while clinging to a slippery garden hanger and putting his head into the seed slot!

 Will Tumble for Food

When I saw this clever little gymnast, I immediately thought of a squirrel deterrent I saw in an upscale nursery in Charlotte, North Carolina...and I got to see that baby in action. Droll Yankees has just what the doctor ordered when it comes to squirrel discouragement, and it is so hilarious to watch. I may not only buy one for its intended purpose of getting rid of squirrels, but for its comedic value. Maybe garden tranquility and harmony are overrated, because I know we will be the ones disturbing the peace with gales of laughter from watching squirrels getting flung into the stratosphere.

Yankee Flipper in Slo-Mo Action
(I cackle like a hen every time I watch this.)

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