About Pickups & Pearls

I am a Southern Belle, born and bred. I have never lived anywhere but the South. Now, I'm not one of those gals who has never ventured more than a county away. I have traveled this world...just not as much as I would like, but I plan to broaden my horizons in the very near future. I have done business with people from New England to the West Coast, to the Pacific Northwest and to the two states not in the Lower Forty-Eight and I love these diverse people. I respect cultural and regional differences, but I'm most at home with those delightful Southern folks who feel like family the first time we meet.

Tennessee was my birthplace and a very fine state it is. I have also called Mississippi, Florida and North Carolina my residents...but home right now is Texas and I hope it will always be home! I love everything about it, from its big cities, wonderful restaurants and cultural events, to the tiny towns spread so far apart you really don't know when you've left one and arrived in another and that larger-than-life Texas pride which does, indeed, give credence to the adage, "Everything is Bigger in Texas!" Two things are the same everywhere I go in Texas. The people are just lovely, and wide open spaces give panoramic views of clear, blue skies and white, billowy clouds, even in the big cities. I'm smitten with these good folks, the culture, the easy living and the slower pace.

So, when searching for a name for this blog, I decided I wanted something that might seem incongruent and metaphorical to the masses but, upon closer inspection, embodies those endearing qualities and charms which ARE Southern Women! They are tough, determined, take-no-prisoners gals when the chips are down and they can deliver a sure shot with nary a hair out of place, without batting a mascara-laden eye, and with a trophy-worthy pageant grin. They can flutter those lashes when necessary, and deliver a "Bless Your Heart" and a "Thank Y'all" like the ladies they are. They are strong and they are sweet. They love their pickups and their pearls and see no inconsistency in the love of them both. A modest sundress and cowgirl boots are appropriate attire for shopping, church or a wedding, and girls of all ages look cute as a bug in them, even antique little girls.

As is with any good double entendre, Pickups & Pearls can be taken literally or figuratively. I hope it provides a "pickup" which is uplifting to the reader and brings insight or humor and "pearls" of wit or wisdom which provoke contemplation, inspiration, fits of laughter or food for thought. To all you Pickups & Pearls kind of girls (and guys), "WELCOME!" You just might recognize yourself, or the people you love, in some of these musings. To all you ladies and gentlemen who don't cotton to the Pickups and Pearls way of life, "WELCOME!" I hope you enjoy learning a little more about us, and find yourself snickering along the way. It's okay...we laugh at ourselves, too. Self-deprecating humor is actually a trait of a healthy dose of self-confidence, so we don't mind.

To sum us up, we are as soft as the dew on a Dixie morning and as tough as pig iron. We love Jesus, our Mommas, our family, our heritage, our country, a good mani/pedi, pink Glocks, boots in every color and our trucks. And if we don't already own a set (or two) of pearls, they are certainly on our wish lists. If our homes or families are threatened with harm, we can handle it...we pack heat. We can scold our husbands, but don't you dare raise your voice to him. We are the backbones of our homes, we handle adversity, we don't give up, we don't back down and we overcome. Even when we are riled, we take out our charm and good manners, and serve you homemade lemonade and tea cakes and, when you leave, say a polite farewell with a "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" and a " Say 'hello' to your Momma an' them.".

Pickups & Pearls is not just about getting to know us. It is about getting to know all the people around us and, sometimes, finding humor in the things they do. It's about observing life in the South, in this wonderful country and in this great big world. It's about culture, cuisine and curiosity. If you've stopped learning, then you are already dead, so exercise your mind and spirit daily. Hope to see you back here soon and often...if the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise.
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