Monday, June 18, 2012

First Train to Caroline...Greylan James Band

Every once in awhile you run across a young man who really impresses you with his talent and abilities, and you are even more impressed when you find out he hasn't even hit his 16th birthday yet. I'm talking about a young man from Knoxville, Tennessee named Greylan need to remember that name because you are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more of him. Greylan had an exciting day today. Not only did he turn 16 (Happy Birthday, Greylan!), he did it on national TV where he and his band performed on Windy City LIVE in Chicago.

Ryan Chiaverini, co-host of ABC 7's new talk and entertainment show Windy City LIVE, which airs weekday mornings at 9am (CST), saw Greylan and his band performing at Four Farthings in Chicago and HAD to have him on the show. Greylan performed First Train to Caroline, his single, which drops TOMORROW, so check it out, people! Oh, by-the-way...there is a really cool dude playing guitar and singing harmony with Greylan in the band. His name is Blake Wrinn and he just happens to be my nephew. These young men are immensely talented in many ways...they play multiple musical instruments, sing and write songs and they are quick to give credit where credit is due...they know they have been blessed with gifts from God and aren't shy about sharing their love for Him. As a homeschooling Mom, I have to "throw it out there" that Greylan is homeschooled, so his natural creativity and self-starting demeanor have not been "boxed in" and have blossomed as a result. Just watch what unbridled talent can do!

Take a moment to sit back and listen to First Train to Caroline, available for purchase tomorrow!

Greylan James Band
First Train to Caroline
Click HERE to Listen!

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