Monday, June 11, 2012

The Southern Garden Party

It Doesn't Get Much More Southern, Y'all
Photo Credit: John Paul Urizar at

Pink party dress, wrist corsage, perfect macarons under glass (not to be confused with the coconut blobs called "macaroons,") dainty tea sandwiches, petits fours, silver trays, fine crystal and a champagne waterfall...this is the stuff Southern Garden Parties are made of.  The weather is perfect and the image above has me overcome with the need for a little Southern socializing. I'm in a dither as to what to do first...start polishing the silver, planning the fare, sprucing up my favorite hat, or sending out hand-written invitations. I feel a fit of the vapors coming on...where is my fainting couch and can someone please pass the smelling salts?

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