Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spotlight on Sharelle Quick ♥ Singer/Songwriter and Southern Belle

Sharelle Quick is a singer/songwriter that I had the pleasure of meeting one Independence Day during the town of Waxhaw, North Carolina's July 4th Celebration. She and I talked at length as she was giving out fliers, and it was evident from that first conversation that Sharelle was a "people person" and someone very special. It was later that I found out just how special Sharelle is, and talented in so many different ways! 

Sharelle made her first public appearance in Pontiac, Michigan on Jan 6th, just 30 minutes after her twin sister, Michelle. Music has run through her veins from birth. From early in life, Sharelle knew what she sing and write. Harmony was learned in the car with three sisters on long trips. Despite the fact that she was born in Yankee Territory, she epitomizes all things Southern, having spent much of her life in the South. That fact is evident in her characteristics: strong, self-sufficient, caring, funny, charming, hospitable, dignified and approachable. She is a Southern Belle with talent, style, gorgeous hair, a natural pageant-worthy smile and moxie.

Raised on harmony and humor, Sharelle is an incomparable, enigmatic blessing of contradictions that just work. If your ears had eyes, upon hearing her you would picture Linda Rondstadt, Karen Carpenter, Barbara Mandrell and Elvis all mixed up into one sound...that's Sharelle. Sharelle's music can best be described as unique sounds of the soul. She is not a copycat artist/writer by any means, and Sharelle is entertaining in every way. She is not just heard...she is experienced with your every sense. I'm proud to call her "friend."
Bio Courtesy of Reverbnation: with additional comments by Melissa H

Sharelle Quick

Santa's Goin' Green
Sharelle Quick
Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, TN


  1. ~ Melissa, it was my pleasure meeting you back a few years ago. You have been inspirational to me in so many ways and it is an honor for me to call you friend. Thank you for your kind words. <3

    1. Sharelle, you are a blessing to me and I hope to see you soon...somehow, somewhere! ♥


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